Stuffed Beef Rolls – Rindsrouladen Recipe

Rindsrouladen - Recipe

This is a very popular dish all over Germany and in many German-American homes. This recipe is the classic one, but it varies greatly from region to region. The key to the dish is the use of gherkins or dill pickles. We have found in our family recipe that cooking the bacon half way makes it much better.

This is a great dish to multiply the recipe and make at Christmas, hunting parties, or any big event. The whole key is the meat, and just find a butcher that knows what Rouladen meat is. Don’t settle for a butcher that needs it explained to them. The 8 inch by 4 inch, by a quarter inch thick works best, and always have them cube it.¬† Otherwise, you are going to spend a ton of time pounding the meat, and it becomes a lot of work.

If you are doing a lot of braising, which this dish calls for, we highly recommend get a German Romertopf, which is glazed baking dish that you soak in water before using. They are versatile, and add a real cool presentation element to making the dish.

As a side, we always have Spaetzle, and our Spaetzle Maker is one of the favorite kitchen gadgets… it is such an easy to make side that is also a perfect task to give to kids to get them involved.

If you like German cooking, there is one cookbook you have to own, it is the New German Cookbook. It has all the classics, with lots of back stories on each dish.


4 large slices top round, 4 x 8 inch at 1/4 inch thick, cubed

Strong mustard (stone ground works well)

8 slices medium to thick cut bacon, half cooked

2 large gherkins or dill pickles, halved


Lard or bacon grease

2 medium onions, finely chopped

2 Cups beef stock

1 large carrot, peeled and diced



Get the top round cubed at the butcher shop, or pound with mallet

Lay each piece of beef out, and coat with mustard

Sprinkle each piece with salt and mustard

Place 2 strips of bacon on each piece of beef

Place a slice of gherkin or pickle on the beef

Roll up beef, secure with twine or toothpicks

Sprinkle with salt and pepper and dust with flour

Heat lard or bacon grease in a large pan

Saute the onions, then add the beef rolls

Brown on all sides, pour in beef stock

Add carrots, cover

Simmer on low to medium for 2 hours

Remove beef rolls with tongs

Stir some cornstarch with some cold water

Add the wet cornstarch to the broth;Bring this to a boil, and then let cool

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