Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist (Yard and House)


Deal with Compost / Yard Waste

Thatch / Aerate

Add Compost

Till planting Beds

Plant Bulbs

Pruning dead and damaged branches on trees and shrubs

Clean up around plants and bushes (with special rakes)

Cut back and divide pernennials

Make a plan for new plantings

Inspect and Repair Fences

Sweep patio ceilings, and clean patios

Power Wash

Clean the Grill

Refresh Propane Tanks

Clean outdoor Lights and Replace Bulbs

Inspect / Repair / Get new hoses and outdoor water gear

Shake out and wash all matts

Clean and Repair Gutters

Inspect and Repair the Roof

Inspect and Repair Chimneys

New Outdoor Trash Cans

Dust Everywhere

Get a new vaccuum

Wash Interior Rugs

Clean air vents

Inspect / Get new smoke and other detectors

Thoroughly clean floors

Late Winter / Spring Projects:






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