Snowmobile Repair Kit Checklist 2019

Snowmobile Repair

Snowmobile Repair Kit Checklist – Must Have Items When Snowmobiling

If you love to snowmobile, you have probably at one point been out on the trails and in need of some quick repair. We all should have an emergency kit and tools, but sometimes we forget- until it is too late. Just like with snowmobile maintenance, the best solution is to stay ahead of the problem and be prepared. Here is not only a list of repair items you should carry with you, but also some other things you might not think of until you need it.

Snowmobile Repair Items

  • Spare spark plugs and spark plug wrench. This one is pretty obvious, and the most commonly needed repair to be made on snowmobiles.  Buy spark plugs in bulk, and don’t wait for them to go bad- change regularly.
  • Gorilla Tape. When there is a little fender bender with another snowmobile or a tree, gorilla tape can patch you until you get home.
  • Small tool kit.  This should include a set of socket wrenches, pliers, and at least a few screwdrivers of both types.
  • Spare belt. There is most often a place for one under the hood, but make sure it is in good condition, and if your snowmobile doesn’t have a place to store one under the hood, pack one away.
  • Emergency starter rope. There is nothing as frustrating as stopping on the trails and then when you go to start-up your machine again, the starter rope breaks.  Learn how to replace these before there is an issue. As a matter of fact, if you have an older snowmobile, consider getting ahead of this problem and replacing your old rope with a newer one that is guaranteed for life.
  • Tow rope and D-Ring Shackles . You don’t know how much you will love your tow rope until you are stuck in the woods with a dead snowmobile. When you get one, do some testing of tying two sleds together so you have an idea of how to use when you need them. You generally just need one, and make sure it makes it out on the trails each time you go out, even if going alone.
  • 20 Gauge Baling Wire / Zip Ties. If you are fairly proficient with working on your snowmobile, you will know to have these items around. If not, they don’t take up much room and can come in handy for anyone that needs to work on your machine when it needs repairs away from home.
  • Siphon pump. Sometimes you just run out of gas. A small siphon pump can be a life saver when you just need to borrow a little fuel to get home.
  • Small shovel. You hope you won’t need it, but let’s face it, you will. Someone will inevitably get stuck in a less than convenient spot, and you will have to do a little digging to get back on the trail.

Personal Items for Snowmobile Safety

  • Bottled Water. This is very important and often forgotten. You can’t do any repairs if you get exhausted and dehydrated.
  • Map of trails. Don’t just rely on your mobile app for the trails, keep a hard copy in case of a breakdown.
  • Cold Weather Emergency Kit. A good kit will cover a lot of bases from emergency food, a survival whistle to first aid.
  • Extra heat warmers for hands and feet.
  • Emergency Locator Beacon. This is an item you should consider if you are going way off the beaten path, and probably not as needed on popular trails, but can literally be a life saver if you are going to be snowmobiling where no one else is expected to be.

Checklist of Basic Repairs (the basics, a more thorough inspection can be done by a pro)

  • Check all of your lights
  • Flush old fuel or burn off some of the old fuel and add some Seafoam.
  • Check your track.
  • Look for any critters that have tried to make a home and clean out. (using moth balls and dryer sheets during storage helps prevent this)
  • Inspect the throttle and other cables for any excessive wear.
  • Top off all fluids and carefully inspect for any leaks.
  • Check the drive belt for any cracks.
  • Inspect the starter rope for any wear.
  • Look for any new body rust.
  • Change spark plugs.

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