Eco Friendly: Wooden Disposable Cutlery Combo Set

Disposable, Eco Friendly Silverware

Wooden Disposable Cutlery Combo Set – 300pc – 100 Forks, 100 Spoons, 100 Knives, 6” Length Eco Friendly, Biodegradable, Compostable – Parties, Weddings, Gatherings – Forget Plastic, GO GREEN!

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Why We Recommend This

A cool way to set a good example regarding conservation and taking steps to be more eco-friendly, without breaking the bank is using this eco-friendly, disposable silverware.  You may not use it regularly, but it is a great way to show children a simple way to save the environment. They are also wonderful if you are having a picnic, or when camping.

From the Manufacturer:

  • ✔️PREMIUM QUALITY DISPOSABLE WOODEN CUTLERY SET – Top quality utensils and FDA Approved, makes a perfect item for picnics, weddings, parties, or any kind of event to share with loved ones or best friends.
  • ✔️FORGET PLASTIC AND SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT! – Made of 100% Natural Biodegradable Smooth Birchwood. Utensils are eco-friendly and naturally breaks down into the environment, made of non-toxic and compostable wood. Truly a great alternative to plastic cutlery!
  • ✔️FUNCTIONAL, DURABLE, AND PERFECTLY SIZED – All Utensils measure to 6.25” in length and each are similar to plastic utensils or traditional silverware for dining or catering. Our FDA Approved Utensils can be used to eat a variety of foods including meats, salads, fruits, desserts and many more.
  • ✔️NO POPSICLE TASTE OR SMELL – Safe and Chemical Free. Extensively tested and FDA certified. All Utensils are non-toxic; and does not leak harmful chemicals into food or the environment.
  • ✔️SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We have a Money Back Guarantee for all purchases, and if you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return for an exchange or refund. Our goal is to inspire and make a change to the environment!

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