10 Amazing Halloween Decorations

10 Amazing Halloween Decorations

Amazing Halloween Decorations or your Cabin!

Halloween is about spending time with the family and interacting with the neighbors: two things we are starting to get away from. But let’s face it, it is also about having the coolest, scariest decorations, and the satisfaction of scaring little trick-or-treaters! That calls for a blend of old standby’s and new design elements that will keep people guessing.

72 inch Cocoon Corpse Decoration

Green foam corpse is 72 inches tall
Corpse enclosed in a silky web
Hangs upside down by a wire

Halloween Haunters 24″ Half Body Groundbreaker Burnt Ghost with Light-Up Red Eyes – Prop Decoration (Battery Operated)

Place this wretched, angry, burnt ghost with his eerie red eyes just off the path to your porch and kids will have to think twice of going for their trick or treat. Superbly made, and will appear as if he is half buried.. just pile up some leaves around the base to add to the illusion that he is coming back from his grave!

Halloween Haunters 22″ Creepy Hanging Flying Bat Prop Decoration (Pack of 3)

Bats make a great addition to any Halloween graveyard or in home decoration
Fly these 22″ bats from tree branches, ceilings, door jams and more
Each 22″ wide bat has black fur and dk brown tattered cloth netting on wings and body
Large bright red eyes and plastic fangs are sure to scare away anyone that comes near
Heavy fishing line strung between the wings and body keep the bat flying upright

Halloween Haunters Life-Size Scary Zombie Ghoul Woman Eating Heart & Lungs Prop Decoration – 4 Pieces Thick Rubber Latex Body, Organs and Bloody Corpse Torso

Professional high quality life-size crouched full body scary woman zombie that’s eating the organs from a bloody zombie torso. This props 4 pieces are made with foam filled thick rubber latex that’s been gruesomely sculpted into a realistic looking, but horrifying cannibal scene. This horrific zombie woman is posed as if it’s eating the heart and lungs from the dead torso, but it is not animated. The zombies crouched full body is about 3 feet high and the distance from its’ bloody feet to the end of the eaten torso is over 4 feet. It has bendable arms for customizing the posing. This disgusting woman ghoul has found her next meal, as she devours the poor defenseless kid piece by piece, so run away before you’re the next victim! It’s sure to add a bit of scary desperation to your Halloween decor, as it’s a perfect horrifying addition to any haunted house, graveyard or entryway!

Halloween Haunters Giant 7 Foot Animated Standing Scary Reaper Circus Clown Prop Decoration – Rubber Latex Evil Face, Red Light Up Eyes – Animatronic Head & Arm Motion – AC & Battery Operated

I don’t clown around, but I will scare you! A huge standing 7 foot tall spooky reaper circus clown that’s perfect for placement in haunted houses, entryways and landscapes. This spooky black and white circus clown has freaky multi-colored hair and an incredibly creepy face that stares you down with its’ evil red flashing eyes as the ghoulish head rocks forwards and backwards, while the arms and hands move in and out in a grabbing motion like it’s ready to capture trespassers. Professional high quality standing Halloween prop decoration. The ghoulish face, spooky hands and oversized clown shoes are made with foam filled thick rubber latex. The clown has a ghoulish black and white circus clown outfit with dots and stripes and it’s held up with a sturdy steel internal frame with a wide base.
The moving arms are bendable for posing them above or below the head or straight out for a 7 foot arm span. Tip: Attract more people to scare by hanging some helium balloons from the hands, as the arm movement will keep the balloons swaying eerily in the air! Dimensions: 7′ (84″) Tall with a 7′ (84″) Arm span – Head and arm motion powered with the included AC Adapter (Plugs into a standard 110 volt two prong electrical outlet); Eyes powered with 2 – AAA Batteries (not included)

Froggys Fog – 400 Watt Halloween Fog Machine with Wired Remote Control, 400-Watt Fog Machine – All Metal, Great Output, Timer and Wireless Control Options

Powerful 400 Watt Heater – Better Output than Eliminator EF-400
2,000 cubic ft. of fog output per minute
1 Pint Fluid Capacity – Use Froggys Fog Fluids for Best Results
Comes with a 15′ Wired Remote
Ideal for Halloween celebrations, haunted houses, parties and more

1 X Interactive Skeleton in Hammock spooky Halloween decoration sound-activated

Interactive Skeleton in Hammock brings a spooky look to any Halloween corner of your porch or yard. The sound-activated and one-legged skeleton comes to life when someone makes a sound. Its chest moves like it’s breathing, while bone-chilling yawns and snoring sounds add to the overall haunting effect of this indoor/outdoor Halloween decoration. It is easy to hang via handle loops on each end. Requires 3 “AA” batteries. Includes an on/off switch. Hammock spans 8 feet long. Skeleton, 30″ x 9″ x 4-1/2″. A spooky decoration for your favorite Halloween haunt Details: Hammock is 8 feet long Skeleton, 30″ x 9″ x 4-1/2″

Gaseous Zombie Animated Fog

Standing 2ft tall, the Gaseous Zombie looks like he is pulling himself out of the ground – and then sprays the whole area with fog! Hard plastic frame is under his poly-fabric shirt and shroud with an attached 110 volt motor that turns his hand-painted plastic head with gaping mouth from side-to-side, and also comes with two creepy hand-painted plastic hands to complete the look. The 3ft long connector and hose attachment will fit on most standard 400w, 700w, and 1000w fog machines. (Fog machines only sold separately. Connector is not compatible with Ground or Low Lying Fog Machines). Just stuff the sleeves of the shirt yourself with crumpled newspaper, hook up the hose to your fog machine and let the creepiness begin!

2 1/2 Ft Fogging Light Up Grim Reaper Prop – Connects to Fog Machine

Connects To Your Fog Machine
Fog Rolls Out Of His Mouth
Piercing Red Lights for Eyes
Fogging Grim Reaper Stands 2.4 Ft Tall

Hook this Grim Reaper, with piercing red lights for eyes, to your fog machine and fog rolls out of his mouth for a chilling effect!

Lifesize Haunting Bewitching Beauty Gruesome Standing Ghost Girl Bride With Flashing Red Eyes Sppoky Scary Halloween Prop Decor by KNL Store

Hauntingly beautiful, this standing ghost is a vision of Halloweens long gone by. Is she a jilted bride or an eerie reminder of fading beauty? This Halloween decoration is the perfect way to haunt your house for a holiday party and will make fright night a real scream for trick-or-treaters. The standing ghost girl has plastic features, flashing red eyes and wears a flowing polyester gown with tattered creepy cloth headdress and long veil. Includes plastic stand with telescoping metal support pole. 5-1/2 feet tall Requires 2 “AA” batteries, not included.


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