Planting Bulbs for Bees 2019

Planting Bulbs for Bees

Planting Bulbs for Bees

In many areas of the country, fall is an excellent time for planting flowering bulbs. If you plan well, you can find areas all around your property from your formal garden, on your lawn, along borders, between other flowers, and even in problem areas. The trick is doing the research. Identify different areas all around your property and make a log of different conditions: shade, sunny, clay, sandy, etc. The major benefit, besides the aesthetic value, of course, is to help out our good friend, the bees.

Important Read: Why bees are Important to our Planet

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Some Tips for Planting Bulbs:

  • Buy good quality bulbs (we recommend some below), and inspect before planting, especially looking for mold.
  • Know what each type of bulb likes in terms of sun and soil. For the most part, bulbs like sun and well-drained soil.
  • Know when to plant the bulbs as per their instructions. For fall planting, September and October is the best time in most regions, but know your growing region and check each bulb type for specific recommendations.
  • Dig the hole to the proper depth.  A good rule of thumb is dig a hole two to three times the height of the bulb. For most bulbs, that is around 8 inches, but each bulb package will give specific instructions, don’t just guess.
  • Plant the pointed side up!
  • Get some composted soil and include that in the soil when refilling their holes.
  • Cover your bulb holes that you just filled back up after planting with about 2-3 inches deep of mulch to protect from being crowded out by weeds.  Don’t worry, the bulbs will work their way through it.
  • Plant in groups that look natural, not a grid.

Know your Zone: USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Easy to Grow Flowering Bulbs for Bees:

Winter Flowering

100 Bulbs Chionodoxa Lucilea (Glory of the Snow)

  • Bag with 100 Top Quality Bulbs of Chionodoxa Lucilea
  • Chionodoxa is known as Glory-of-the-Snow
  • Chionodoxa self-seed freely under trees or shrubs and are one of the earliest bulbs to bloom in the Spring.
  • They are excellent for rock gardens, in the front of raised beds or they can be forced indoors.
  • Excellent naturalizers!

Galanthus Nivalis Bulbs 15/pack (snowdrop)

  • Bloom: March-April
  • Bulb size 6/7 cm
  • Height: 10″

Van Zyverden Eranthis Winter Aconite Set of 50 Bulbs

  • Winter blooming/Woodland plant from Europe/Royal Horticultural Society’s – Award of Garden Merit
  • Eranthis are among the earliest to flower, and produce a bright display, especially when planted in large numbers under shrubs and deciduous trees
  • Bulb Size: 5/+/Exposure: Full sun to partial shade/Blooms: Spring/Plant Time: Fall
  • Grows 2-3″ tall/Plant 2-4″ apart, 3″ deep/Hardy in USDA zones 4-8
  • 48 contiguous US states, plus the District of Columbia

Spring Flowering

Blue Wood Hyacinth Mix 15 Bulbs – Hyacinthoides – Spanish Bluebell – 8/10 cm Bulbs

  • Grass-like foliage supports 10-12″ upright stems with clusters of mini bell shaped flowers.
  • Wood Hyacinths are easy to grow in well-drained soil in partial shade or a woodland setting.
  • Create a natural look by planting in small groups in a meadow or in masses.
  • Bloom Time: Late Spring, Hardiness Zones 3-9
  • 15 Bulbs in your order

40 Jumbo Crocus Mixture – Crocus vernus & flavus by Daylily Nursery

  • Grass-like foliage surrounds these beautiful yellow, purple, and white chalice shaped flowers.
  • Crocus are easy to grow! These bulbs signal the end of winter!
  • 4″-6″ Tall
  • Zone 3-9
  • Bulb size: 8/9cm

50 Daffodil Mixture – Narcissus Large Cupped Giant Mixture

  • Each mix is unique and promises to provide the bright cheery spring colors everyone loves so much!
  • Narcissus are easy to grow in well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade and are well known to be deer resistant!
  • 12″-16″ Tall
  • Zone 2-10
  • Plant in the fall or early winter for spring flowers!

16 Hyacinth Blue Blend – Hyacinth Orientalis

  • A beautiful blur and white fragrant florets will add your enjoyment to your garden this coming spring!
  • Hyacinths are hardy, deer resistant, very fragrant, and easy to grow.
  • 10″-12″ Tall
  • Zone 3-9



40 Dutch Iris Bulbs, Mixed—Perfect for Fall Planting!

  • Nice 8/9 cm sized bulbs bloom late spring (some of the first of the season!) in Rich Jewel tones.
  • Zone 5-9
  • Mature Height 18-24″
  • Make an excellent cut flower


Muscari Armeniacum 64 Bulbs- Grape Hyacinth

  • A wonderful collection of blue Muscari!
  • Muscari are a Dutch favorite because they are deer resistant, naturalize well, and easy to grow.
  • 6″-8″ Tall
  • Zone 3-9



50 Siberian Squill Bulbs–Value Package!

  • This early little wildflower is wonderful with early daffodils, since its true blue flowers combine beautifully with gold. (Scilla siberica)
  • Extremely Hardy, deer resistant, and easy to grow in moist well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade
  • Minimal green foliage is covered by 4-6 inch high stems of many star-like blue flowers.
  • Great for containers, and rock gardens also. Heirloom bulb since 1796!

Summer Flowering

Summer Skies Agapanthus Plant – Long Summer Blooms – 2×3″ Pot

  • Beautiful blue flowers.
  • Height: 36″
  • Prefers sun or part-sun.
  • Hardy in zones 6-9 or house plant.
  • Immediate shipping in 2×3″ pot


20 Purple Sensation Allium Bulbs–4-6 Inch Flower Diameter!

  • The purple petals have attractive blue-violet veining and heavily speckled edges. Attracts hummingbirds to the garden. Beautiful and long-lasting addition to flower arrangements. Reblooming. Herbaceous perennial.
  • Alliums are deer resistant and easy to grow!
  • 28-32″ Tall
  • Zone 2-10

(2) George Davidson Spectacular Yellow Crocosmia Lily Blooming Size Bulbs for Beautiful Flowers in Your Garden – clarence

  • Spectacular Flowering Crocosmia Lilies Provide Great Colorful Flowers for Every Garden and All Cut Flower Arrangements
  • Easy Care
  • Easy to Plant
  • Comes Back Year After Year
  • Great Gift for others

Ornithogalum dubium Orange Cream – 10 large bulbs – 6+ cm

  • Priced for a pkg. of 10 large bulbs
  • Ornithogalum dubium Orange Cream
  • Showy orange blooms with snappy black eyes, long lasting cuts
  • Bloom Time: Spring
  • Ships immediately FROM USA by Easy to Grow Bulbs!



ProPlugger 5-In-1 Lawn & Garden Planting Tool

  • Watch video (bottom left image). The fastest way to Plug ‘n Plant…dig planting holes from a comfortable, standing position.
  • Year-round applications – Planting bulbs and annuals, lawn plugger, weeding tool, garden veggie planting tool and more.
  • Digs a 2-1/8″ diameter hole. Depth Rings (included) allow you to dig 2″, 4″ and even a 6″ deep holes for planting and transplanting a variety of plant material.
  • Removes tough, deep tap root weeds!
  • Helpful for seniors or mild arthritis sufferers. MADE IN USA

The Bee-Friendly Garden: Design an Abundant, Flower-Filled Yard that Nurtures Bees and Supports Biodiversity

In The Bee-Friendly Garden, award-winning garden designer Kate Frey and bee expert Gretchen LeBuhn provide everything you need to know to create a dazzling garden that helps both the threatened honeybee and our own native bees. No matter how small or large your space, and regardless of whether you live in the city, suburbs, or country, just a few simple changes to your garden can fight the effects of colony collapse disorder and the worldwide decline in bee population that threatens our global food chain.


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