Why You Need Tow Straps AND D-Ring Shackles 2019

USWAY GEAR tow rope and d-rings

Why You Need Tow Straps AND D-Ring Shackles

Anyone that is enjoying the “Rustic Life” also knows the reality of living outside of major roads and cities: you get stuck! Whether it is muddy roads, soft paths in the woods, off-road vehicles or snowmobiles, our vehicles get themselves into precarious situations. The standard prep is to have a tow rope or maybe we have a truck with a wench on it, and those are good solutions. However, the best way to be ready for any “stuck” situation is to have not only tow ropes, but also a set of D-Ring Shackles that allows the proper linkage.

We have used tow straps for a while, and have had varying degrees of luck with how we attach them from one vehicle to another. Then, we got a tip about a tow rope company that not only makes excellent and dependable tow ropes, but also makes an accompanying set of D-Ring Shackles that easily fit on the ropes and attaches easily to any type of vehicle. These products are made exceptionally well, and they won’t break down. In regards to devices that help us get out of trouble, dependability and ease of use are incredibly important.

Here is more information about the USWAY GEAR‘s two products, the tow ropes and the D-Ring Shackles that we think every cabin owner should have:

USWAY GEAR 3″ x 30′ Tow Strap – 30.000 LBS (15 US TON) Rated Capacity Heavy Duty Vehicle Tow Strap with Reinforced Loops + Protective Sleeves + Storage Bag | Emergency Towing Rope for Recovery

  • ✅ APPROPRIATE FOR ALL VEHICLES: USWAY towing strap has 10.000 LBS (5 US TON) Working Load and 30.000 LBS (15 US TON) Rated Capacity making it suitable for use on all forms of automobiles specifically Personal Vehicles, Full Size Pickup Trucks, SUVs & ATVs, Boats or mid-size trucks. It is convenient, easy to carry & use. Roll up for storage in the storage bag after usage.
  • ✅ HIGHLY STRONG & DURABLE: Read Verified REVIEWS below & look no further. Made with high quality and superior high tensile 100% Polyester material which makes the product to withstand pressure. This exceptional heavy duty strap is very tough, highly flexible and is built with tightly woven fabric to support its durability. The looped ends are well padded and highly strengthened to take the tension at the connection points. The strap is long lasting and durable.
  • ✅ HIGHLY DEPENDABLE & WELL CONSTRUCTED: Tow Strap is built with a double loop design for reliable towing and has a length of 30 feet to prevent collision during the towing process. It is weather-resistant and constructed from highly durable and dependent material for a long life and long enough to reach vehicles that have fallen off the road or stuck in deep water, sand mud or snow. The 30 feet length gives you what you need in difficult recovery situations, and for safe distance on-road towing.
  • ✅ AFFORDABLE, SAFE TO USE & WEATHER RESISTANT: The additional sewing on the end of the tow strap makes this product extra strong while maintaining the low weight of the strap. The strap is constructed bearing in mind the highest and globally rated performance standards at a very affordable price and provides excellent value based on its high level of quality and extraordinary capacity that will give you many years of use. Heat & Moisture-resistant fabric preventing frost damage.
  • ✅ TWO YEAR WARRANTY: To show that we are confident about our product, if after purchase and you notice that you don’t like the product, return it for a full replacement or refund. Also if anything goes wrong with the product in the first 2 years due to product defect we will replace it, no questions asked!

3/4’’ D-Ring Shackles By USWAY GEAR (2-Pack) | 4,75 Ton (9,500 Lbs) Working Load + 4 Free Pcs Washer Kit Rings | Great For Vehicle Towing, Recovery, Stump Removal & More | Essential For Jeeps & Trucks

  • ★ TOW & RECOVER ANY VEHICLE WITH CONFIDENCE: We’ve examined the weak points of similar shackles and we came up with the ultimate D-rings made of DROP FORGED Alloy Steel to offer you the toughest and strongest shackles you could possibly find.
  • ★ STOP WORRYING ABOUT BENDING OR BREAKING: These 3/4’’ alloy steel shackles with 7/8 pin feature a towing Working Load of at least 9.500 Lbs and an insane Breaking Strength of 57.000 Lbs. Tow any vehicle with your car, Jeep, Pickup Truck, SUV, ATV or boat knowing that your D-Rings will never bend or break under any circumstances.
  • ★ INSTALL THEM & USE THEM IN SECONDS: Our D-Ring Shackles come with a washer kit of 4 pieces which prevents rattling and allows you to confidently and easily install them without any trouble or sweat. Plus, you can also use the D Shackles for connecting loose ends of cables, straps, chains and snatch blocks.
  • ★ RAIN OR MIST ARE NOT AN ISSUE: Made with rustless materials, our towing shackles are completely waterproof which means you can use them on rainy or humid weather conditions knowing that they will never rust or corrode. Plus, we’ve upgraded them with black powder coating to further reinforce them against corrosion.
  • ★ POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Use these 3/4’’ D-Rings for any towing and recovery application and they will never disappoint you. However, in the unlikely scenario that there is ANYTHING wrong with your towing accessories, get in touch with us and take advantage of our 2-YEAR WARRANTY to get your money back.

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