Fast Food Burger Stuffing 2019

Fast Food Stuffing

Fast Food Burger Stuffing

Most likely, you have heard of the famous White Castle stuffing recipe, as it has become a sort of cult favorite recipe, much like the legendary sliders themselves. Our problem with it is that much like the late night, post-bar little burgers, the recipe is more of a great sounding idea than a great tasting dish. However, the concept is pretty sound, taking some burgers and turning it into a unique stuffing. You won’t really need a recipe for this, but we will cover the core concepts. To start, keep this in mind:

  • When you order your burgers you will be using don’t get cheese, pickles, mustard, or ketchup.
  • Get your burgers with onions, they are key. If they come with large ringed onions, you will need to take them off and chop them. It can be a good idea to just order without onion and chop and add yourself.
  • Your key additions that you will need are: Celery, Sage, Thyme, and Broth. (Thyme is optional, Sage is required)
  • Don’t stuff this into a Turkey. Don’t stuff anything into a Turkey, actually.  A Turkey is properly cooked when you put an internal thermometer and it gets to between 160ºF-165ºF. When you add stuffing, to properly cook the stuffing, you have to get the Turkey to about 180ºF, and thus, an overcooked Turkey.

Here is your base recipe to get started:

Approximately 5-7 small fast food hamburgers.

2-3 Celery Stalks, cut into medium to small pieces.

1/2 Cup Broth (Chicken or Veggie)

1 1/2 teaspoons chopped Sage

1 Teaspoon Thyme

Salt and Pepper


Get a large mixing bowl. Chop up the burgers into quarters, or just tear them up by hand. Add all of the ingredients.  Mix with your hands, but don’t overmix.

Add this to a casserole dish and cook for about 30 minutes at 400ºF.




Burgers from Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King work great. With McDonald’s you can get with onions as they are chopped up nicely. This recipe is even better when you get them with bacon!

You can take the buns off and toast them on a hot pan with butter and then chop them up more texture and flavor.

Try getting plain sausage biscuits from McDonald’s or you can even get them frozen. Probably our favorite variation.

We have tried raisins in this type of recipe and it didn’t seem to work well, but mushrooms and some different varieties of nuts worked well.

Dab in a few tablespoons of butter before baking and give the dressing a nice mix after it comes out of the oven.

Remember that Sage is your key herb. Thyme, Rosemary, or perhaps a little Parsley can be added, but only as supporting cast.

Mixing and matching breads and meats can create incredible flavor variations.  For example, if you have some extra croutons, or maybe a few extra sausage links, add them.

You can always add more broth later, but it is tough to remove extra liquid without causing damage to the dish, so start with the recommended amount, but have more on hand to add more later if you need it.




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