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Xotic Brands Rustic Decor

Exotic – Rustic Design Accents

Our Friends at Xotic Brands have some of the most interesting design accents that become instant conversation pieces for your rustic design plan. One item can set the tone for a room, and can be “focal point” type design elements. We have picked out some of our favorite pieces, and there is a link to check out even more at the bottom of this article.

5″ Desktop Medieval Collectible Statement Accent Catapult

Our desktop collectible accent piece of a medieval catapult is of iron construction with moving parts. It has a harmless “chopping blade” and is a detailed replica of an intriguing medieval machine. Catapults were valuable medieval siege attack weapons. This collectible will make an interesting gift for a history buff or an unusual executive toy for your desk. It is approximately 5½” high.

You can take care of business the medieval way! You will love this collectible, as it is a detailed replica of an intriguing medieval machine. The authentic foundry iron construction with moving parts includes a fully functioning ratchet with firing action on the catapult. It makes a fascinating gift and dimensions are:   5½”Wx4½”Dx5″H. 4 lbs.

3.5″ Classic Medieval Knights Castle Treasure Jewelry Box

With eight chivalrous knights guarding your valuables, you have little to fear in the way of pilferers. Cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in full color, this collectible sculptural box features incredible detail, from individual bricks to fleurs-de-lis embellished armor.

Keep your jewelry in this elegant Medieval Jewelry Box. This one classic medieval knights castle treasure jewelry box may become a good solution for you. It is specifically designed for your jewelry storage, your significant little heirlooms, and other treasures. Makes a great gift for someone special, too.

Leather Viking Helmet

Perfect for re-enactors, LARP and faire goers! Lighter and more versatile than steel, this leather helmet provides an authentic look. Made of very thick, harness grade leather and copied from our steel styles, this helmet features an adjustable liner. It weighs approximately 1-3/4 lbs with a 25-3/4″ inner circumference.

Hailing from the Viking age of fierce warriors is this Leather Viking Helmet. Made of durable harnessed leather with adjustable liner, this head gear boasts of eye and cheek protection and covers the full top of the head. Lightweight and comfortable, this stylish piece is a great addition to any collection.



22″ Medieval Knight War Battle Sculptural Lamp – Military Gift

To be a soldier, one needs that special gene, that extra something, that enables a person to jump into one on one combat. Something, after all, that is unimaginable to most of us, as we are simply not brave enough.

Shedding light on the melded arts of metalwork and sculpture ; Giving thanks for survival after another battle, a weary warrior in full armor bows on bended knee beneath a pierced metal shade embellished with fleur-de-lis. This incredible, two-tone sculptural lamp is a catalog exclusive cast in quality designer resin that adds historic sophistication to any décor. Switch on cord; accepts your 40-watt bulb.



15″ Sculptural Fire Spitting Dragon Rainspout Downspout Home Garden Statue

Legends of fire breathing dragons have fascinated people for centuries and appear in cultures all over the world throughout history. Firebreathing dragons exist in artwork and literature, but is it possible that they also existed in real life? Nearly all cultures have dragon legends, although they had no contact with each other, and the Bible even speaks of the fire breathing Leviathan. It seems possible that all these legends might have been based on a real creature, specifically a dragon or dinosaur-like creature that had biological mechanisms which allowed it to breathe fire.

Artist Gary Chang, in this downspout, finds form and function in balance with our gargoyle-inspired dragon downspout for your home. He won’t breathe fire, but he will bring a dramatically gothic detail to your modern castle’s exterior! Cast in quality designer resin and finished in gothic stone. 16″Wx8″Dx5″H. 5 lbs.



6″ Ancient Egyptian Sculptures Collectible Pens – Set of 5

The ancient Egyptian civilization lasted over 3,000 years and during that time they created many items that we can still see today. Their culture was wrapped around a religion based on gods and goddesses and they had the ability to live their lives in a desert, thanks to the River Nile.

The ancient Egyptians were very skilled as artists and the artifacts that they left behind covered many talents. They were excellent at painting, sculpting, working in metals, shaping gold, creating jewelry, building huge monuments and temples, as well as statues of their gods and goddesses and their pharaohs. The artifacts that have been found show what life was like in ancient Egypt, including living next to the River Nile. They went fishing, hunting, boating, transported goods for trade and fought in battles.

Check out these gifts fit for a Pharoah or a scribe!    The five carved figures of this collection represent: Saqqara, a beloved queen; Thoth, the ibis-head god; Amenophis III, the Pharoah; Anubis, the jackal-head guardian; and Horus, the falcon god. Each cold cast resin pen features the details of an ancient relic and is hand painted in the colors of the Egyptian royal palette.


Medieval Castle Hanging Pendant Light, Wall Sconce Candle Holder Lantern

Imagine several of our jewel-toned pendant lanterns lighting your hallway or lending a romantic glow to an intimate space. With richly ornate, bronze-hued, fleur-de-lis filigree ornamentation and amber glass for protecting the flame of your candle, our functional works of decorative wall art are sure to leave your guests impressed! Pillar candle not included.



Native Indian Coyote Jaw Obsidian Blade Knife

  • This Coyote Jaw Obsidian Blade Knife is handmade by master artist Dale Duby using the methods of old; grinding, abrading, percussion and pressure flaking.
  • Each knife is one of a kind and the blades are attached using sinew. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.
  • Overall: Approximately 7-3/4″
  • Includes hand carved stand. Please note: This is not an authentic Indian made product.

8″ German Antique Replica Collectible Fire Breathing Dragon Iron Door Stop

Quality, foundry cast iron collectible ; When we came across this incredible find in a German antiques market, it took us a couple minutes to figure out just what it was! Dating to the mid-1800?s this wooden-handled device held charcoal to press clothing, complete with menacing open mouth that allowed steam from this ?fire breather? to escape! Today, it makes a great doorstop or incense burner not to mention a classic collectible for those historians and dragon lovers amongst us!


10.5″ Antique Replica Classic Decorative Door Push Pull Cast Iron Plate MN by XoticBrands

Antique Replica D?cor, Made of Authentic Cast Iron





16″ Medieval Gothic Dragon Decorative Iron Wall Candle Holder Décor

200-year-old Gothic foundry cast iron replica ; We replicated this distinctive sconce from an original heavy ironwork torch we discovered in a medieval Italian village. Our authentic foundry iron dragon will hold your two pillar candles and add marvelous European flair to your own castle?s entryway or flanking one of our distinctively heraldic tapestries. Candles not included.



Collectible Fuel Chief Gas Pump Sculpture Statue Table Lamp

Based on the historic Fire Chief 76 model created in 1930s America by the Bennett Company, this absolutely unique lamp is a true collectible! Already a hit with collectors of “petroliana” (or gas station paraphernalia), automobile aficionados also love the actual rubber hose and the smartly-styled shade that accent this conversation piece. Crafted of quality designer resin, the lamp is hand-painted in antique hues to capture each detail of a nostalgic, scaled period piece. Switch on lamp; accepts your 60W, type A bulb.

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