2019 Outdoor Gear, Rustic Decor, Outdoor Living at Cabin Spaces

Need ideas for outdoor gear, cabin decorations, rustic furniture? Have a cabin, cottage, or country house and need a trusted resource for projects, recipes, decorating ideas, or how to do projects around the yard or around the property?  Are you a hunter or camper and need ideas for outdoor gear? Or perhaps you are just buying gifts for someone who has a cabin or cottage and need some gift ideas. If so, Cabin Spaces can be a valuable resource.

Rustic living, or “cabin living” is a way of life for many people.  Whether it is a weekend getaway at a nearby cottage, a backwoods cabin retreat, or a permanent living arrangement, the rustic lifestyle is much different from city or suburban life. There are different challenges with houses that are out-of-the-way, including issues with water, power, TV, etc., but also many advantages, for instance, peace and quiet.

Outdoor Gear - Wild Game Cookbooks

Outdoor Gear and Cabin Stuff: 2019 Bests, Guides, and Lists

Our “Bests, Guides, and Lists” contains suggestions on all aspects of cabin and rustic living, from checklists on what you need for your garage, your kitchen, hunting, or even snowmobiling to suggestions on the best jazz albums for the cabin, or even how to build something called a HugelKultur.

See our outdoor gear, cabin stuff, rustic decor and other ideas in our 2019 Bests, Guides, and Lists

2019 Outdoor Gear, Rustic Decor, Outdoor Living at Cabin Spaces

Outdoor Living and Cabin DIY: 2019 Home Improvement

Need ideas on how to make your cabin or cottage more energy-efficient in the winter? Want to get some straight answers and exact instructions on how to set up your water treatment system correctly? Having problems picking out and caring for trees? Or maybe you just want some ideas for some cool things for your cabin? Our Home Improvement section has not only DIY and repair ideas, but all sorts of suggestions for improving your place and property.

Explore outdoor living and cabin DIY projects in our Home Improvement section.

10 Excellent Non-Video Games for Kids

Cabin Gifts: 2019 Fun, Toys, Tech

What is a cabin for, if not for enjoying yourself with friends and family? We put together one section for everything that we consider fun, including games and techy-fun stuff. Being in a rustic setting is perfect for getting away from the trappings of every day life, and the ridiculous attachment we have to our mobile phones. How about a list of the best board games or a list of some nostalgic toys from our childhood that they still make? We put together a list of activities that specifically don’t involve any technology, but also have ideas on techy fun stuff like the best turntable to play that vinyl that is making a comeback, and a list of great tabletop radios that you can place in any room.

Find cool toys and games, home electronics, and other fun stuff in our Fun, Toys, Tech area.

Outdoor Gear

Outdoor Gear: 2019 Hunting, Camping, Fishing

Being outdoors is one of the great things to having a rustic home. Whether it is hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, or just managing the woods, it is so restorative to get out in nature. Just like anything else, however, it takes preparation and planning to fully enjoy the outdoors, and we have put together a collection of resources to maximize the enjoyment. Need some ideas for how to manage your woods, or checklists for your next bow hunting trip  or ideas for gear for your next gun hunting trip? Perhaps you want suggestions on camping gear, or even want to figure out how to properly feed deer and other wildlife around your property.

Need ideas on outdoor gear for hunting, camping, or fishing?

Cooking Venison

Outdoor Living: Food

Cooking in a rustic setting is one of the joys of having a cabin. But why stop with just cooking what you know, and why not expand your rustic cooking skills.  Have you tried making homemade sauerkraut or yogurt? Do you know how to make the perfect steak in a cast iron pan? Do you want a recommendation on the best slow cooker, along with tips and tricks for using a slow cooker?  More recipes are coming as well!

Need ideas on cooking at the cabin or cottage? Check out our 2019 Food section full of tricks and recipes.

Rustic Furniture

Rustic Decor: 2019 Decór

Cabin culture allows for a more relaxed way to design and furnish a home, most often referred to as “rustic,” “country,” “rural,” or even “craftsman” style. You may even hear people talk about “industrial,” “traditional,” “Scandinavian,” “Bohemian,” “French Country,” or “Bavarian” as design and furniture styles that seem to fit your vision for your cabin.

Our rustic furniture / rustic decór section is all about inspirations. From ideas for rustic bedrooms, to rustic bathrooms, rustic accent ideas, to campy cabin gift ideas, and everywhere in between, we have suggestions for your overall rustic design plan.

Looking for some inspiration and ideas for your cabin or cottage furniture? Check out our Decór section which has all kinds of rustic furniture and decorating ideas.



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